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Student/Parent Athletic Handbook

Student.Parent Handbook.2018-2019.pdf

Student/Parent Athletic Handbook & Code of Conduct

Transportation Variance Request

Athletic Transportation Request Form.Revised January 2019.pdf

Student-athletes are encouraged to ride to and from athletic events with their teammates & coaches. Situations occasionally arise where an alternative plan may need to occur. Whether transporting your own son/daughter OR driving a student-athlete from another family, please review this document. Student-athletes are never permitted to drive to or from away events, or ride with anyone other than his/her parent or parent of a teammate.

Medical Treatment Consent

Medical Treatment Consent.pdf

Medical Treatment Consent & Emergency Contact Information - Please complete and return to the Head Coach prior to the start of each season.


MHSAA Pre-Participation Sports Physical/Medical History
It is strongly recommended that students visit their primary care physician for a complete wellness exam, and have the physician complete the above MHSAA Physical Form at the time of that exam. It is also recommended that parents of upper elementary children plan to have their child’s exam conducted on or after April 15 each year. That way, moving forward those exam dates that are on or after April 15 each year ensure that the exam meets MHSAA requirement for the following school year.

MHSAA - Your High School Eligibility
An MHSAA guide for student-athletes relative to his/her athletic eligibility during the high school years. If you have any questions, please consult with the Athletic Director!

NEW! MHSAA Transfer Rule - 2018
The MHSAA has a new Transfer Rule in place, Student-athletes should be aware of how this rule affects participation before transferring!

MHSAA Health & Safety Resources
Find useful information regarding the MHSAA's 4H Focus => Health History, Heads, Heat & Hearts

Return To Activity & Post-Concussion Consent Form
This form is to be used after an athlete is removed from and not returned to activity after exhibiting concussion symptoms. MHSAA rules require 1) Unconditional written authorization from a physician (MD/DO/Physician’s Assistant/Nurse Practitioner), and 2) Consent from the student and parent/guardian.

Dual Sport Participation Approval Form
Glen Lake provides the opportunity for students to participate in dual sports within the same season provided the opportunity is manageable for the student-athlete and both sport programs. Interested students should initiate this discussion with Coaches and the Athletic Office well before the start of the season.

Parent Permission for Son/Daughter to Ride Bus to Athletic Event
Glen Lake students have the opportunity to ride on the Sideline Cheer bus to an upcoming athletic event in proud and respectful support of our Lakers as detailed on this Permission form.
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